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Burma is not often covered in the mainstream media, so that’s why we need your help to get the word heard. The good news is the field of media is drastically changing, and there is a lot you can do to take control and spread the word.

boxbottom Write a letter to the editor

While main big city newspapers are struggling, local newspapers are often thriving. Make sure you get your voice heard. We have an easy mechanism set up right now for you to send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. GET STARTED


boxbottom Blog

Whether you have a blog read by 1000 people a day or just your mom reads it – blog about Burma! We can help you come up with ideas to. Check out our blog – READ HERE


boxbottom Facebook

About a third of people with smart phones check Facebook before getting out of bed in the morning. Make sure you use Facebook. You can either share things that we post on the US Campaign for Burma Facebook page or post something of your own. If you are holding an event at your school or community, make sure you use Facebook to help promote.


boxbottom Twitter

Twitter is a lot of fun because you can post more often and connect with interesting people. We keep our twitter feed updated so make sure to follow us. Retweet our tweets or tweet your own about #Burma. Or you can even ask @whitehouse, @statedept, or journalists why they aren’t doing enough for Burma.