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Our student and community chapters have long been the backbone of our work. We have worked with hundreds of university students to help make Burma a major issue being discussed on campus. If you want to get your town or your university, then SIGN UP HERE. Our campaigns coordinator Myra Dahgaypaw will then be a touch with you and help get you going!

Here are some tips for organizing your campus:

  • Read up on Burma as much as you can. Many people have joined our movement simply because they were able to learn about the human rights atrocities that are going on in Burma right now. Most importantly, however, those people were able to learn from other people who were passionate about human rights issues about Burma. The more you know about Burma, the more passionately you can convince others to join your cause.

  • Build a core group. In many ways, identifying a base of people to support your chapter is more important than the structure of the chapter itself. A core base of support is meant to ensure that you're not the one stuck with doing all the tasks of the chapter single-handedly. You may want to consider recruiting officers from other organizations, or you may want to convince a friend to join in. They don't have to be totally knowledgeable about Burma. With your support and their full participation, they will learn.

  • Connect to students and groups. Remember that personal contact is key. People will see your drive and enthusiasm, get excited and will want to help out. Reach out to your fellow students through small events such as tabling, or approach people directly through one-on-one conversations. You can also speak to existing groups on campus, as well as make a short announcement about your group at the end of your classes.

  • Spread the Word: In addition to networking with students and groups, you should also work to publicize the creation of your chapter. Hang informational flyers around your campus. Submit announcements to your campus newspaper, TV station, and radio station. Tabling is always good, too; you can decorate your table with informational flyers, posters, and photographs. You can also run a short film about human rights in Burma on a laptop.

  • As you progress further into the year, it is a good idea to hold two kinds of meetings: a general meeting every month where all members can participate, and a planning meeting for officers to guide the agenda and rehash the original goals of the chapter.

Thanks to all our members and your actions over the years!



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Help us grow our list of Burma supporters! You can download our sign-up sheets to use at your various events. Signing up means that you will receive up-to-date news about the latest issues on Burma, our ongoing advocacy campaigns, and action alerts.