Latest Successes
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August 7, 2013: 30 Kachin organizations organized and signed a joint letter to President Obama and Congress demanding the renewal of the gem ban provision part of the Burmese Freedom and Democracy Act in early July 2013. Read their press release and joint letter. Because of the collaborative efforts of Kachin organizations and Burma activists, the United States government renewed the ruby and jadeite ban provision. Though nearly all sanctions have been lifted, the renewal of this provision demonstrates that human rights abuses affiliated with extraction of gems in conflict-ridden zones remain rampant. Read the announcement issued by the White House and the Executive Order signed by President Obama.

October 4, 2012: 17 organizations signed a joint-comment to the U.S. Department of State demanding accountable and transparant U.S. business activites in Burma through strict reporting requirements.This action, ensuring that businesses are required to report their dealings and practices, is unprecedented in U.S. history. The comment includes point-by-point revision recommendations for the reporting requirement drafted by the State Department. In the groups' joint press release, they stated "Despite claims from the U.S. business community that their entry into Burma will raise the overall human rights standard in the country, history demonstrates that American companies are not models of corporate responsibility, especially when it comes to extractive industries." USCB collborated with EarthRights International, Freedom House, Physicians for Human Rights, United to End Genocide, Human Rights Watch, and a dozen other organizations. Read the full comment here.

June 6, 2012: Over 120,000 have signed petition to Secretary Clinton and other leaders of the State Department urging them to "not to suspend American sanctions on Burma without putting in place legally binding safeguards to ensure that American businesses don't become complicit in -- or fuel -- serious human rights violations in Burma." U.S. Campaign for Burma worked with Kachin Women's Association-Thailand and and the petition is having an impact! Learn more here. 

March 22, 2012: With the help of the resettled refugee communities from 67 cities in 29 states, we were able to gather nearly 5,000 signatures urging Ambassador Mitchell to use his position as the U.S. Special Representative and Policy Coordinator for Burma to pressure the Burmese regime to stop committing widespread and systematic human rights abuses against ethnic people. The petition was delivered to Ambassador Mitchell in his office at the U.S. Department of State by Aung Din, Myra Dahgaypaw of USCB, and Gum San Maung, President of the Kachin National Organization U.S.A. This petition was signed by 8 ethnic nationalities including Chin, Arakan, Kachin, Shan, Karenni, Mon, Burman and Karen. View the petition delivery photo here.

Read the press release and the letter to Ambassador Mitchell.

Most of the refugees from Burma that have resettled in the U.S. come from ethnic nationality areas where Burma’s army has systematically used forced labor, forced relocation, extrajudicial killings, sexual violence and more to control communities and resources for decades. Many of them have lived as an internally displaced person for years before they reached the refugees camps at the Thailand-Burma border. Many of them lost their loved ones due to civil war.