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Go on a bike trek, bake cookies, host a dinner – get creative and help us help Burma.Your donations energize USCB’s work! Just think of how the thousands of events over the past 7 years have expanded American’s understanding of the situation in Burma. For every dollar you donate this year, it will be matched by a generous donor. So give today and double your impact!

By raising funds for U.S. Campaign for Burma you ensure that the voices of the people of Burma get amplified and addressed on a global level. Every June we ask our members to host fundraising events to help keep our work going.

We are the only U.S. based advocacy organization devoted full-time to human rights, freedom, and democracy in Burma. Around the country and the globe, we are a recognized leader of the Free Burma movement. Our partners include celebrities, musicians, global leaders, policymakers, and our 70,000+ grassroots members across the country.

  • Hear from Burmese comedian and social activist Zarganar who thanks USCB for our work and encourages people around the world to support us. 



1. Think about what kind of event you want to doIt doesn't have to be particularly grand or unique—it just needs to work for you.
Some quick ideas:
- Instead of presents for your birthday, ask people to donate to U.S. Campaign for Burma
- Consider putting USCB down on your wedding registry. You don't really need that kitchen blender do you? Tell you guests to support Burma.
- Bike journey
- Yard Sale
- Barbecue Contest
- See if your workplace supports their employees' volunteer work. Check with your employer's personnel office to find out about their charitable giving program.

2. CLICK HERE to create a personalized fundraising page. It is a safe and user-friendly page that your family and friends can visit to make online donations towards your fundraising efforts for Burma. Take this opportunity to tell people about your passion and purpose, and encourage your friends and family to get on board. Don't forget to set your own fundraising goal!

3. Promote your campaign. Share it on your Facebook, twitter, blog and send out emails. If you need any help or suggestions email our staff This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

4. Say thanks! Your donors are investing in you and your success, so be sure to thank them and keep them posted with progress reports. Also thank yourself for all the work you are doing to help Burma

5. Follow through and keep us updated how your fundraising is going!