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BNI: Rohingya villagers assaulted

Rohingya villagers assaulted (click to view)

Over 35 Rohingya from Maungdaw Township were recently assaulted by a group of Rakhine extremists, according to Hashim.

“They were severely beaten by Rakhines extremists when returning to their homes after collecting firewood from the forest.”

According to sources, the victims from Khonza Bill and Sommona and Udaung villages were attacked after collecting wood in the early morning.

One person who spoke to Kaladan Press Network on condition of anonymity said a group of Rakhine wielding weapons assaulted them. “Suddenly a group of Rakhine extremists came out from a forest with long swords and caught us. After, they started beating up without asking questions.”

The victim said everyone was released after their assailants took their firewood and machetes. Those who sustained serious injuries were treated in their homes by a community member with some medical knowledge, said another anonymous individual that was attacked.

Other Rohingya villagers have suffered similar abuse at the hands of border guard police.

Near Gawdusara village, officers from the police headquarters reportedly threw villagers' wood and carts that are used for collections into a stream during the recent water festival, said an elder that didn’t want their name used.

Local Rakhine villagers and authorities are committing ethnic cleansing in systematic and planned way with full cooperation from both State government and Central government said one Rohingya leader on condition of anonymity.

Some of the victims of the recent attack have been identified as: Sayed Hussain, (20); Rashid Ullah, (25); Sayed Kasim, (30); Sultan, (40); Habib Ullah, (30); Md. Siddik, (25); Sodu, (30); Monjur Aman, (28); Abdu Rakim, (22); Noor Alam, (25); Abdul Amin, (40);, Nurul Amin, (45); Abdu, Monaf, (15); all from Khonza Bill village in Aley Than Kyaw village tract in southern Maungdaw.