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  • There are many organizations working to help Burma, here are few:
  • Women

Women's League of Burma

     Founded on December 9th, 1999, the Women's League of Burma is dedicated to work for the empowerment and advancement of the status of all Burmese Women. It is currently comprised of 13 serving members.

Burmese Women's Union

     BWU is an independent association providing short-term educational and vocational training programs to women along the Thailand, India and China borders, and internationally.

Kachin Women's Association Thailand

     KWAT, based in Chiang Mai Thailand, is an organization working for the empowerment and advancement of Kachin women in order to improve the lives of women and children in Kachin society.

Karen Women Organization 

     KWO is a community-based organization of Karen women working in development and relief in refugee camps on the Thai-Burma border and with IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) and women inside Burma.

Palaung Women's Organization

     PWO was formed with the mission of educating and empowering women in order to build their sense of self-efficacy, promote self-determination, and achieve equality of participation in society.

Shan Women's Action Network

     SWAN is committed to work for gender equality and justice for Shan women in the struggle for social and political change in Burma through community-based actions, research and advocacy.

For more members of the WLB click here



  • Youth

Student and Youth Congress of Burma

     SYCB is an umbrella organization consisting of 15 student and youth organizations of various ethnic backgrounds based on the Thai-Burma border and on the Burma-India border, which aims to promote and increase the growth in understanding and cooperation among various ethnic nationalities of Burma, and among its member organizations.

All Burma Federation of Student Union

     ABFSU is the umbrella organization for all the student unions in Burma working to advocate for academic freedoms and student rights throughout the country.

Nationalities Youth Forum

     NY Forum is an independent and non-profit umbrella group, uniting a network of youth organizations from the ethnic nationalities of Burma. Founded in 2003 and based on the Thai-Burma border, NY Forum has thirteen member groups from eleven different nationalities of Burma.

Generation Wave 

     Generation Wave is a pro-democracy Burmese youth movement founded on 9 October 2007, following the anti-government protests popularly known as the Saffron Revolution.

  • International Campaigns

*There are many international solidarity groups working for the promotion of human rights in Burma, however these are the few that have websites based in English

Burma Partnership

     Burma Partnership is a network of organizations throughout the Asia-Pacific region, advocating for and mobilizing a movement for democracy and human rights in Burma.

Alternative ASEAN Network on Burma

     ALTSEAN is a network of organizations and individuals based in ASEAN member states working to support the movement for human rights and democracy in Burma.

Burma Campaign UK

     Based in London, Burma Campaign UK is an organization working for the promotion of human rights, democracy and development in Burma.

Australia's Campaign for Burma

     Free Burma Australia is Australia's campaign for freedom and democracy in Burma. 

ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Myanmar Caucus

     A group of parliamentarians in Southeast Asia working to support democracy and human rights in Burma. 

Fortify Rights

     Fortify Rights is based in Southeast Asia, working to docment and remedy human rights violations, support human rights defenders, and press for solutions. 


  • Human Rights

Network for Human Rights Documentation Burma

     ND-Burma formed in 2004 in order to provide a way for Burma human rights organizations to collaborate on the human rights documentation process. It is an umbrella organization of many human rights groups.

Human Rights Education Institute Burma 

     The Human Rights Education Institute of Burma is a nongovernmental organization that facilitates a broad range of human rights training and advocacy programs for grassroots organizations and community leaders.

Karen Human Rights Group

     The Karen Human Rights Group (KHRG) is an independent local organisation committed to improving the human rights situation in Burma by projecting the voices of villagers and supporting their strategies to claim human rights.

Assistance Association for Political Prisoners

     AAPP is an independent non-profit organization founded by Burmese former political prisoners living in exile. Mainly staffed by ex-political prisoners, its main aims are to provide assistance for other Burmese political prisoners (those in prison and those who have been released), and to document news related to them.


  • Aid/Relief

 Backpack Health Worker Team

BPHWT is a community-based organization formed of health workers with the mission to equip people with the skills to manage their own health problems, while working towards sustainable development.

Free Burma Rangers

     The Free Burma Rangers is a multi-ethnic humanitarian service movement that help train and supply ethnic pro-democracy groups which go into areas under attack in order to provide emergency medical care, shelter, food, clothing and conduct human rights documentation.

Thailand-Burma Border Consortium

     TBBC is a consortium of 12 international non-governmental organisations (NGOs) from ten countries providing food, shelter and non food items to refugees and displaced people from Burma.

Free Funeral Services Society 

     The Free Funeral Service Society (Yangon) (F.F.S.S. (Yangon)) is an organization that offers free funeral services in and around Yangon. Since the organization's inception on January 1, 2001, more than 80,000 funeral services have been rendered free of charge.


  • Environment

Burma Environmental Working Group

     The Burma Environmental Working Group (BEWG) is an alliance of grassroots-based organizations. It brings together Burma focused ethnic environmental and social organizations. Each member organization monitors Burma's development policies and advocates for alternative development policies meeting their specific traditional and comprehensive understanding of local sustainability.

Burma Rivers Network

     Burma Rivers Network is comprised of organizations representing various dam-affected communities in Burma, with a mission to protect the health and biodiversity of river ecosystems, and to protect the rights of communities negatively impacted by large-scale river development.

Shwe Gas Movement

     Shwe Gas Movement raises awareness about the social, economic and environmental impacts of the Shwe Gas Project in and outside of the country through first hand research and community organization.

Earthrights International 

     EarthRights International's Burma Project collects vital on-the-ground information about the human rights and environmental situation in Burma.

Karen Environmental and Social Action Network 

     KESAN is a non-profit organization working alongside local communities in Karen State to ensure sustainable livelihoods by preserving indigenous knowledge, building capacity and promoting practice and policy change