Activist Tools
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  • Want to be a better activist? These various toolkits and guides will help you on your way!

Genocide Awareness and Prevention Month Toolkit

STAND, the student-led movement to end mass atrocities, has declared April Genocide Awareness and Prevention Month. STAND commemorates the victims and survivors of past genocides and seeks to prevent future mass atrocities in places like Burma. Check out STAND’s Genocide Awareness and Prevention Month toolkit to learn about ongoing crises, host genocide awareness events, mobilize creatively and effectively, and help prevent mass atrocities.

Timeline Infographic
& Detailed Briefer

Use our April 2012-present timeline infographic and detailed briefer to better understand the current situation in Burma and to assist your advocacy work. Spread the word: superficial change in Burma does not translate to legitimate change!

Campaign to End Impunity in Burma – Advocacy Toolkit

Produced by the Burma Lawyers' Council in May 2011 to educate a broader audience about the goals and messages of the campaign and to generate ideas about how others can become involved.

10 Tactics for Turning Information into Activism

A website that provides original and artful ways for rights advocates to capture attention and communicate a cause. It includes a 50-minute film documenting inspiring info-activism stories from around the world and a set of cards; with tools tips and advice, for you to work through as you plan your own info-activism.

Message-in-a-box: Tools and Tactics for Communicating your Cause

Message in-a-box gives you everything you need to make and distribute your own media. This website covers A Strategy for Making Media, Print, Images, Audio, Internet, Video, and Mobiles. Each section includes information, references, links and inspiring case studies that show how the right tools and tactics can be used to make media with impact. Message in-a-box also provides open source software tools to make our own media and video and text ‘how-to’ guides that tell you how to do this.

Amnesty International Campaigning Manual

Primarily written for Amnesty International campaigners, this manual is useful for all those involved in human rights campaigning organizations.

Quick ‘n Easy Guide to Online Advocacy

A guide that presents advocates with a collection of popular online services that can be used for advocacy quickly with little to no technical support.

Blog for a Cause! The Global Voices Guide of Blog Advocacy

This manual is intended to explain how activists can use blogs as part of campaigns against injustice around the world. It includes the topics of circumventing internet filtering, anonymous blogging and effective use of Internet-based tools in campaigns for social and political change.

Digital Security

An guide with essential information to understanding and using digital technologies, such as computers, the internet and mobile phones.

Security in-a-Box

A comprehensive resource for activists and human rights defenders, including a How-to Booklet, which addresses a number of important digital security issues, and a collection of Hands-on Guides, each of which includes a particular freeware or open source software tool, as well as instructions on how you can use that tool to secure your computer, protect your information or maintain the privacy of your Internet communication.

Mobiles in-a-box: Tools and Tactics for Mobile Advocacy

A collection of tools, tactics, how-to guides and case studies designed to help advocacy and activist organisations use mobile technology in their work.